There are upcoming changes for gig workers in 2022

Independent contractors, also known as gig workers, work on a contractual basis for a specific job. This is becoming a highly desirable form of employment for individuals as well as for businesses looking to hire contractors to complete tasks outside of their typical scopes of work.

1099 independent contractors are self-employed, create their own hours, use their own equipment, are paid a set rate, and do not have payroll taxes deducted from their payment—which saves employers money.

have a coi in place to make sure your independent contractor is covered in case of injury

When performing a job, there is a possibility for injury. A roofer could slip and fall off a roof, a plumber could injure themselves fixing your pipes, the list goes on.
What happens if you hire an independent contractor, otherwise known as a gig worker, who is injured while working on your project?
So, let’s answer the question: What happens if my gig worker gets injured on the job?

create the right independent contractor agreement when working with 1099 independent contractors

Using independent contractors to assist with your day-to-day business functions is becoming increasingly popular. Before you look to hire contractors, it is important to understand what should be included in the contractual agreement. This helps keep your business safe from legal trouble in the future.

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Before deciding between hiring a W-2 employee and a 1099 worker, it’s beneficial to weigh the differences in costs between the two. Consider, depending on the job, one may be a more cost-effective option than the other.

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Over the past year, commodity prices, especially in the lumber industry, spiked. Simultaneously increased demand for buildings, backyard renovations for new patios and decks all impacted the lumber industry as it saw record-breaking peak prices never seen before. Now, as demand has slowed its pace, prices are dropping again, but what does that mean for the lumber industry and homeowners?

Why Might it be Preferable to Hire an Independent Contractor?

An independent contractor, also known as a gig worker, is hired on a contractual basis by an employer for a specific job. This could be to build a patio deck, to install flooring, and much more. These contractors are hired for an agreed-upon job, can work for multiple employers simultaneously, and overall have more work independence.

How can gig workers prepare for tax season?

Gig workers, otherwise known as independent contractors, complete jobs on a contractual basis. They have the autonomy to choose when and where they work, have control over work instructions, evaluate their own work, and are well versed in the job they’re hired to complete. Their behavioral control is unlike employees who are told when and where to work, how to work, and who may require job training.

6 Best Gig Work Websites

Hiring experienced, reliable employees helps you, as a business owner, complete your project with efficiency and reliability. Independent contractors, otherwise known as gig workers, provide services based on a contractual agreement.
They have different behavioral control, financial control, and relationships with employers than W-2 employees. When it comes to hiring an independent contractor or subcontractor for your next project, do you know where to look? We’ve pulled together a few of our favorite resources to begin hiring your next independent contractor.

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The California Employee Development Department (EDD) is one of the largest state departments and is responsible for compliance with employment guidelines, maintaining employment records, and collecting payroll taxes.

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According to the California Contractors State Licensing Board (CSLB), this year alone, 74 people were cited for unlicensed contracting. CSLB’s article highlights the risk for general contractors who hire unlicensed contractors.