What do you need to know about commodity inflation?

Over the past year, commodity prices, especially in the lumber industry, spiked. Simultaneously increased demand for buildings, backyard renovations for new patios and decks all impacted the lumber industry as it saw record-breaking peak prices never seen before. Now, as demand has slowed its pace, prices are dropping again, but what does that mean for the lumber industry and homeowners?

Recent Construction Site Sweeps Explained

According to the California Contractors State Licensing Board (CSLB), this year alone, 74 people were cited for unlicensed contracting. CSLB’s article highlights the risk for general contractors who hire unlicensed contractors.

July CSLB Report of Stings/ Sweeps and Contractor Audits

CSLB Report of Stings/ Sweeps and Contractor Audits – On July 1st CSLB released the following article re: site sweeps. Are your workers correctly classified?